About Us
We are located in Holt, Michigan which is just 3 miles south of Lansing.  All of my goldens live in my home.  Our puppies are socialized with lots of people, big and small, as well as other dogs.  My goldens, as well as the dogs that I have selected to breed my dogs to, have been tested and received health clearances for hips, heart, elbows, and yearly eye exams.   My goal is to produce structurally sound, healthy goldens with good temperaments that will make wonderful family companions.
Mia, Sebastian, Rosebud, Hogan, Hazel and Karat are finished champions with the American Kennel Club. Sebastian and Hogan hold Grand Champion titles with the AKC as well.  Christi, Sebastian, Rosebud, Hogan and Hazel are United Kennel Club Champions.  Karat is also a Canadian Kennel Club Champion,

I am a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America and Marshbanks Golden Retriever Club.